Michal Levy

the story of my kitchen

I was born in 1983 in Kibbutz Yifat, Israel. After serving in the IDF for 3 years, I moved to Tel Aviv to follow my dream. I wanted to create and make art. I was searching for the right path for me. After a short time, I realized my passion is not for art alone but for culture, people, hosting, and creating an atmosphere. 

All of that, and more, I found in the kitchen.


I started my path in New York where I worked as a personal chef for private clients, mostly at their homes.

In 2009 I pursued my dream to be a chef and moved to Italy. I discovered the Italian cuisine and their culture.  There, I continued my 6 years of culinary and cultured journey. I learned, birded and worked in the traditional local kitchen of Italy.

After a long journey in Italy from the north to the south, I finally moved to Rome and was the Executive Chef at “Percento Enoristorante”. A restaurant in the heart and center of Rome.

My desire is always to find the best local products, to know the traditional local cuisine, and then give it my own interpretation through the food. 

In Italy I found a unique interesting culture, fresh local products and a great traditional cuisine. 

I believe in cooking with local ingredients, using only “what you can find in your garden”.

My desire to learn the “slow food” technique, brought me to accept a position as a Head Chef of a boutique hotel in a biodynamic agricultural estate called “Cefalicchio Country House”, Bari.


As a biodynamic agricultural property, “Cefalicchio Country House” promotes the need to increase soil vitality and fertility, and consequently the quality of produce. All this through specific fertilization and farming techniques. The villa of “Cefalicchio” was originally erected in 1700 as a farm, and the rural buildings were only transformed in 1904 into a country residence. Situated in a typically Mediterranean hilly landscape, 3 km from the village Canosa di Puglia in the south of Italy, “Cefalicchio” is surrounded by more than 70 acres of olive groves and vineyards and uses only organic farming methods. 



In 2013, I returned to my birth country, Israel. That's when I opened my first business for culinary private events “Michal Levy Private Chef”.

It gives me the opportunity to create something new and different every time. It is like opening a 'one-day' restaurant; The equipment, the design, the flower arrangements, preparing the staff for service, choosing the right products in order to create the right menu while guests begin to arrive... It's all about the food, the people, and everything in-between. 


It gives me great pleasure to present to you my first business. Hopefully one day it will lead to my own restaurant.